EmailHeatmaps and Klaviyo
integration is here!

How to setup integration




Once you have started your free trial, follow these simple steps to setup integration with your Klaviyo account.




Login and click your name top right, then select “Integration”

Scroll down to Klaviyo URL and enter your API


Make sure your API permissions are correct, EmailHeatmaps requires “Read-Access” for Campaigns, flows, metrics and templates. This can be done with a custom key ss we don’t require access to customer data to run our reports. See below Read access permissions:

Find your API key by logging into your Klaviyo account, click top right and select “Account”, then click “Settings” and then “API Keys”. Create a new private key by clicking the blue button “Create private api key” and can give it a name “EmailHeatmaps”.


Now can and paste this key in EmailHeatmaps under Klaviyo API key. If you need help findings your API key, you can read more by clicking here.


Depending how many campaigns are in your account, you can find all your campaigns if click “Email Campaigns” in the menu bar.



You will need to choose the correct plan to display to total email campaigns in your account.

Then all your campaigns will display here:

Red Line
Yellow Stroke Circle

Start your free 14-day trial in just3 easy steps

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Choose your plan

Select your plan that is based on total campaigns sent in your email platform you wish to report on. (not monthly sends – we pull all your sent campaigns but you select how many you wish to view)

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Create an account

Enter your details, credit card for a 14-day free trial (no notice period and cancel at any time!)

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Add your Integration

Simply connect EmailHeatmaps to your email marketing platform via API key or Mailchimp direct login.