What are Email Heatmaps?

this revolutionary new tool allows yo to see where people are clicking and which links are the hottest in your email campaigns very quicky. (including email automations if you have paid for unlimited plan)

What data do you access?

We only access non-personalable data to creaate Email Heatmaps and never touch your subscriber details or mailing list personal data. We display Email Heatmaps in non-personiable data reports.

How to install ActiveCampaign

It is simple and easy to connect Email Heatmaps to your ActiveCampaign account.Follow these following steps:

First thing to do is register an account at

Then login to your ActiveCampaign account and on the left hand menu and click "Apps".

Now top right search for "Email Heatmaps"

Click on Email Heatmaps as you can see below:

Click the blue button top right "CONNECT ACCOUNT"

Then click "allow"

Once you have connected accounts, login to your Email Heatmaps account. Then click your company name/ name top right and select "integrations".

From your ActiveCampaign account and click settings bottom right, then "Developer". Under API, copy the API URL and paste in Email Heatmaps under "API ENDPOINT".

Then from your ActiveCampaign account copy the "API" and paste into Email Heatmaps under "API KEY".

ActiveCampaign have created a how to guide, read more here.

We've also created a how to connect ActiveCampaign video here:

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