EmailHeatmaps Integrations

Email Heatmaps is a tool created for email marketers to easily analyse their campaigns. A coloured map is shown on each link in the email to indicate how many users have clicked on it. The red ring shows the most clicks whereas the green ring shows the least. Yellow is in between. The heat maps are a simple way to analyse data. There’s no need for large spreadsheets and formulas to get the same answers about campaigns.


Email Heatmaps use secure integrations to link with your API systems. We never access any non-personable data. It is as easy as one, two, three to connect to your email marketing platform. Firstly, register an account with Email Heatmaps. Secondly, connect via OAuth 2.0 or API keys. Finally, return to your Email Heatmaps dashboard and we will do the rest for you. Easy peasy!

For all you lucky MailChimp, Active Campaign and GetResponse users, Email Heatmaps is available to you right now. For both MailChimp and GetResponse, you can connect your platform to Email Heatmaps by using the secure OAuth 2.0 connection. From your Email Heatmaps registration, this is all done by a click of a button and signing into your MailChimp or GetResponse account.


Soon, we will be connecting to the following platforms: Klavyio, Campaign Monitor, Mailer Lite, Ometria, SalesForce marketing cloud, Sending Blue, Awebber, Zoho Campaigns, Pardot, drip, MailJet, Constant Contact and Iconnect. It won’t be long until you can use our one of a kind Email Heatmaps tool to analyse your email marketing activity.


Please see below our full list of email platform guides:


Klavyio – Live now: Read more
MailChimp – Live now: Read more

GetResponse – Live now: Read more

ActiveCampaign – Live now: Read more

Moosend – Live now: Read more

Iconnect -Live now: Read more
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Start your free 14-day trial in just3 easy steps

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Choose your plan

Select your plan that is based on total campaigns sent in your email platform you wish to report on. (not monthly sends – we pull all your sent campaigns but you select how many you wish to view)

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Create an account

Enter your details, credit card for a 14-day free trial (no notice period and cancel at any time!)

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Add your Integration

Simply connect EmailHeatmaps to your email marketing platform via API key or Mailchimp direct login.