What is email heatmapping?
Email Heatmap provides a visual representation of “click” results from email marketing campaigns so you can easily see which links have performed best. We create a temperature gauge from cold blue, representing no clicks, through to red hot for the greatest number of clicks.


What do the colours mean?
We create a heatmap overlay of your sent email campaigns displaying the number clicks from blue, the lowest click count, through to red for the highest number of clicks of that campaign.


Do you access or connect with subscriber data?
NO! As per our terms of use and privacy policy, Email Heatmaps does not connect with or access any personal data or subscriber details from your email marketing platform.


What plan should I sign up to??
This depends on the number of email campaigns you have sent. Up to 10 campaigns, you will need “starter”, up to 100 campaigns, choose “professional” and, over if you’ve sent over 100 campaigns, you will need “unlimited”. If you want to create Email Heatmaps for your automations (i.e. for your welcome series), then you will need “unlimited” even if you have fewer than 10 campaigns.


Can I try for free?
Yes, you can try Email Heatmaps for free today. Simply register an account, connect your email marketing platform and watch the heatmap blossom!


Which Email Marketing Platforms does Email Heatmaps integrate with?
Email Heatmaps currently integrates with Mailchimp, GetResponse and Active Campaign. It will be rolling out to other email platforms, including Klaviyo, sendinblue, Constant Contact and Campaign Monitor soon.


Some Email Heatmaps don’t look right – what’s happened?
When creating an Email Heatmap and have display issues, please refresh the page or clear your cache. If the Email Heatmaps is out of alignment (which sometimes happens as they need a few seconds to load), press ‘refresh’ located in the menu on the left-hand side.


Why should I use Email Heatmaps?
Once you have sent a campaign, it is essential to understand where the clicks are coming from. For example, do more subscribers click on the image or on the call to action? If you know what’s attracting customers, you know to include it in the next campaign. Or maybe you have changed your template or layout; Email Heatmaps helps you understand the click data.


Can I compare campaigns from two different email platforms?
Yes, you can select campaigns from different platforms and compare them to each other. So, if you run two accounts from different platforms or still have your old email platforms running, you can still compare campaigns.


Can I see the clicks of a specific URL?
Yes, once you’re in an Email Heatmap, select “click data” from the left hand menu as above, then simply hover over the link you wish to see the results of. You can move your mouse around to see any link you want.


Can I add more than one Mailchimp account to one profile?
To prevent confusion of data, you can only connect one Mailchimp account to one profile. You will need to create a profile for each Mailchimp account.


Can I add more than one GetResponse account to one profile?
Currently, we can only connect one GetResponse account to one profile. You will need to create a profile for each GetResponse account.


What data does the Email Heatmap show?
Email Heatmaps displays the results as both the total number clicks and as a percentage of each URL throughout your email campaign.


How do I cancel?
You can cancel your account at any time by simply logging into your account, clicking your name (top right), selecting “profile” and then scroll to the bottom and click “delete account”.


Can I download and share this heatmap?
This and many more features are coming soon..

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Select your plan that is based on total campaigns sent in your email platform you wish to report on. (not monthly sends – we pull all your sent campaigns but you select how many you wish to view)

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